Sundae Schnauzers

Life is Better with a Schnauzer!

About Us

Debbie Davis is the founder of Sundae Schnauzers and takes great pride in her miniature schnauzers. From the first schnauzer she owned, she knew that the schnauzer breed was her breed of choice. The schnauzer charm, intelligence, and happy go lucky personality won her over. Her schnauzers are her world and she enjoys being able to provide the love of a schnauzer to others! 

 Amanda Hanes partnered with Debbie in January of 2016. Amanda fell in love with the schnauzer breed as a young teen when she got a schnauzer mix. When he passed, it was a few years before she obtained her first pure bred schnauzer from Debbie and her love for the breed just grew larger. They are a lovable and loyal little dog with the most unique personalities. They are also great with children and all who they meet. Once you experience schnauzer love, you can't have a life without one!