Sundae Schnauzers

Life is Better with a Schnauzer!


What is the cost of a Sundae Schnauzer puppy?

Our prices do vary at times and can be determined by size, coat, parents, ect. Normally our male puppies are $900 and our female puppies are $1200. Prices may change and we reserve the right to refuse a sale of one of our puppies.

When do you have available puppies?

We keep the availability of our puppies and retired adults current on this website and on our Sundae Schnauzer Facebook page.

Do schnauzers have any known diseases?

Like any breed of dog, there are sometimes health issues with the schnauzer. Keeping your schnauzer on a well balanced diet, a good exercise/play routine, and an up to date health regimen will help your schnauzer have a happy and healthy life. For more information on certain health issues and disease, please contact us. 

Where are the schnauzers raised?

Our schnauzers are raised in an in home environment. They are part of the family and we strive to have healthy, happy, and well rounded puppies and adult dogs. All of our schnauzers are crate trained and love to sleep in their crates at night.....some also love to sleep in the bed with us as well!

What are the schnauzers fed at Sundae Schnauzers?

We make sure our schnauzers are fed a well balanced diet. They are fed Royal Canin and also are sometimes given healthy treats such as fresh veges and on occasion some fresh fruit.

How big will a schnauzer puppy grow up to be?

We do not guarantee the size of any puppy who is purchased from Sundae Schnauzers, however, we will give our best estimate possible based on current size, parents sizes, and lineage of the puppy. 

Will the puppy come with vaccinations and health checks?

All of our schnauzers and all of our puppies are current on their age appropriate vaccinations as well as vet check ups. Every puppy will be examined by our veterinarian before they go to their new home.  We DO NOT give a Leptospirosis vaccine to any of our schnauzers! We encourage all new owners not to give this vaccine and it is in our health guarantee that we do not support our puppies getting them. Tell your veterinarian upfront that you do not want a Leptospirosis vaccine in any form given to your puppy/Adult. They usually make a note on the schnauzer's medical chart if you turn down this vaccination or you can ask them to do this for you. Schnauzers in their normal environment are not exposed to this virus on a high risk basis. They will be exposed to it enough to build their own natural immunities. Schnauzers have had severe reactions from this particular vaccine. We also do not support the Lyme vaccine for our schnauzers.

When are puppies able to go to their new home?

We do not let our puppies leave until they are at least 8 to 12 weeks of age. We make sure our puppies are vet checked and healthy before they go to their new homes. 

Are Stud Services offered?

No. We DO NOT offer any of our males for stud services.

Will Registration paperwork come with the schnauzer puppy?

All puppies are sold as pets on LIMITED registration unless otherwise agreed upon prior to the sell of the puppy. Proof of a spay/neuter invoice from a veterinarian office with the vet letter head, your puppy's name, breed, and procedure done must be given, mailed or scanned and emailed to Sundae Schnauzers “BY 7 MONTHS OF AGE” to be able to receive AKC limited paperwork to register a puppy. We will NO LONGER provide papers to anyone after 7 months of age on any puppy, NO EXCEPTIONS!!!!! This means we have to have the invoice in our possession by no later than 7 months of age of your puppy! Sundae Schnauzers has the right to hold the AKC paperwork until an appropriate proof of a spay/neuter invoice has been provided to us. Usually this is done between 6 to 7 months of age.

Are the schnauzers groomed regularly at Sundae Schnauzers?

We are very fortunate to have Amanda as a professional groomer. All of our dogs are very well kept and stay groomed from month to month. Most stay shaved short because they love to roll in dirt, leaves, mud, and grass. Happy, groomed, and sometimes dirty dogs!

Will my schnauzer puppy change in color?

A schnauzer's colors can change due to influences from genetics, environment, food, supplements, certain diseases, age, or even some shampoos and conditioners. There is not a way to know if a puppy will lighten up or stay their original color. We can only make an estimate based off our knowledge of these influences at the current time and age of the puppy when purchased.

If you can not keep a puppy or adult that you have purchased, what do you do?

If for any reason you can not keep a puppy/adult that you have purchased from Sundae Schnauzers, you are required to return this puppy to Sundae Schnauzers. This puppy is NOT to be sold, given away, rehomed, or turned into a shelter. You are to return this schnauzer to Sundae Schnauzers regardless of age, situation, or health. This puppy will be returned at the buyers expense. If this puppy is not returned to Sundae Schnauzers we reserve the right to file a suit in an effort to recover this puppy/adult. This suit will require you to come to Guilford County. All expenses of this suit will be paid by the buyer.