Sundae Schnauzers

Life is Better with a Schnauzer!

Our Males


Rocky is our tiny Liver and Pepper Parti boy. He is outgoing and loves everyone he meets. A definite snuggler and always there to lay in a lap when one is available. We are so happy to have him here at Sundae Schnauzers! (7.5 lbs)


Chase is a sweet boy with a lot of spunk. He loves his toys and playing ball. His favorite thing to do is run around outside then come back inside for cuddles. Chase is a Mandy and Boo baby. Born and Raised here at Sundae Schnauzers. (12 lbs)


Here is our little Petey! He is a handsome liver and pepper parti boy. He is a laid back but playful pup. Petey is a Rocky and Destiny baby.  Born and Raised here at Sundae Schnauzers. (8 lbs)


We are so happy to welcome tiny Stitch to our crew! He is a spunky little fellow and after his energy runs out, he is a total cuddler! Look for his litters in mid 2018.