Sundae Schnauzers

Life is Better with a Schnauzer!

Puppies For Sale!

Our schnauzer puppies are sent to their new homes well socialized and ready to play! They will each go home with their own special puppy bag. Inside of each of these bags is a binder filled with a lot of information including a copy of their medical record, guides on owning a puppy, coupons for grooming, a helpful guide to potty training, a toy and handmade blanket that smells familiar, a collar, and the peace of mind knowing that you can contact us at any time if you have any questions about your new little one. 

We have the right to refuse any sale of a puppy or an adult to anyone at anytime of the transaction.

We do not allow for everyone to come and visit our puppies. Please do not ask. This is to keep contamination of disease and viruses away. Puppies are only visited if you are coming to place a deposit on a puppy or if you are picking up a puppy.

Available Puppies

Lindsey Beth & Pete Litter - Born June 3rd, 2017

Lewie - Male
Liver Tan with Peppering - $900

Lindy - Female
Black - SOLD

Lincoln - Male
Liver Tan with Peppering - SOLD

Reagan & Chase Litter - Born June 14th, 2017

Ruby - Female
Black & White Parti with Irish Ticking - $1400

Remington - Male
Black - SOLD

Robin - Male
Black & White Parti with Irish Ticking - $1100

Russel - Male
Black - SOLD

Rhu - Female
Black and White Parti with Irish Ticking - SOLD

Anna and Chase Litter - Born June 18th, 2017

Arthur - Male
Liver - $900

Archer - Male
Liver Merle - $1100

Austin - Male
 Liver - $900

Ava - Female
Salt and Pepper Parti - SOLD

Able - Male
Liver Merle Parti - ON HOLD

Abu - Male
Liver Merle - SOLD

Upcoming Litters

We are excited to announce our Rocky and Mandy Litter Due First of July 2017